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– TheEveryWhrBoy

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Welcome to the tiny world of TheEveryWhrBoy, I am an MBA Graduate, Digital Marketer, Investment Advisor and a Traveller, Yes, that is why I call myself as TheEveryWhrBoy. I come from a place where TEA & CHEWDA are served together. You guessed that right! I belong to Northern part of Karnataka.

Apart from two wheels, Chai is my daily driver, which drives my days from Lazy to Crazy. I love to Film the Nature, Riding/Driving, Cultures, Traditions and Mountains on the Go! I am travelling since the tender age and all the credits since then, of course goes to my parents who love to travel more than me.

Here, I would like to share my experiences & thoughts along the way, So, Stay tuned on my social media handles, Join me and follow my adventure!

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Walk around, Talk around, Ride around and the world is just in front of you. Open your eyes and wtach the beautiful nature the earth has

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Digital Marketing 82%
Problem Solving Skills 85%
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