Who AM I?

My Mission

I keep unexplored places before your eyes to potray the astonishing beauty of nature, that God has gifted Us

I make my blog more interesting. The point is that my motivation is not just for you to read, but to feel nature during the journey. When you read, it is said that your imagination is more beautiful, so why not let your brain work? ? Look at the sky around you.

Extraordinary Experiences

I’ve seen the most beautiful place around Bangalore and the worst part of it as well, but let me tell you, Outskirts of Bangalore is where the actual paradise exists. I’ll be taking you all the way across Bangalore to keep the unexplored nature right in your device.

The most adventurous trip was at Antargange trek to experience the cave trekking about 300 Mts. For more info, Click here

My Core Values

What do i stand for?