21 Travel Tips for Beginners

Are you still worried about travelling during Covid-19???

Then you must definitely have a look at the 6 Steps I’ve mentioned to ensure the safety of yourself.

Who doesn’t want to travel after being relaxed during the lockdown, No one here is born as a traveller, It’s something that comes with experiencing the road and places.

Here are few tips for the to-be travellers to fasten their seat belts with few basic needs. At starting everyone is going to make mistakes, even I did and now I want you to be aware of such mistakes and overcome the mistakes I did.

So, Let’s Begin:

  1. Don’t Burden yourself: In order to make yourself comfortable in every aspect during travel you carry all the necessities which is the prior mistake you’ll do and even I did. To avoid this, try to carry as less as you can to travel hassle-free.
  1. Don’t be in a haste: Don’t book your tickets for flights, train or bus in advance with having a gap of just 2-3 hours prior to other transport. Make sure to have a minimum of 5-6 hours of gap between one transport to other to avoid the late arrival and always have a backup plan of reaching the Airport/Railway station/Bus Depot.
  1. Book your flight tickets 3 months prior: Booking flight tickets 3 months prior to the date of travelling for the cheaper price. Do often check for discounts on various websites.
  1. Carry a map of the place you visit: In case you are lost with the internet connection or battery issues for a safer side do carry a map or download an offline map to avoid being lost.
  1. Avoid eating near tourist attractions: Having lunch and breakfast near tourist attractions would end up paying more and the worst experience of rush and hygiene. Do have your food a little far from the places to get more comfort and tasty food. It’s better if you also keep some dry fruits (almonds, cashew, dates, etc) along when you travel. They can be easily carried and are healthy as well.
  1. Carry First-aid kit: Having a first aid kit would help you at your cuts and emergency. Having a basic first aid kit would not cost much and is compact to be in a bag.
  1. Don’t take a taxi or private transports: Try to avoid the taxi or auto-rickshaw as you end up paying much. Try to travel through public transport.
  1. Carry Emergency Cash: It’s the best thing to take care of because you will never know when you might find it an emergency. The emergency will never inform you before coming so make sure to carry emergency cash.
  1. Do carry extra credit/debit card: Sometimes the cards might face the problem so make sure to carry one backup card in case of emergency. If both cards are from different banks it would be easier for you to not face the problem of maintenance.
  1. Carry documents: Carry Aadhar card/passport/identity proof copies and try to duplicate these rather taking originals just to avoid it being lost.


  1. Travel during pregnancy? Travelling during pregnancy is the biggest challenge but it can only be done if you look over all the safety measures and if you have pregnancy complications you should avoid travelling. Air travel will be the safest to travel for pregnant women. Consulting the gynaecologist before planning is always a safer side. Keep in contact with the gynaecoid to provide updates about your every step…happy mothering.
  1. Get Vaccinated: The most country has few conditions to be vaccinated before visiting for illness not to be caused. Do read the policies and rules of the places before visiting.


  1. Get yourself insured: Getting yourself travel insurance is always the best option one can get. Select a convenient travel insurance company.


  1. Don’t get yourself into a mess: When you are out for travel don’t get into fights or be the rage at strangers (Not because you don’t know how to fight but to be on a safer side and have a happy travelling) involving in any fights will cause you to lose interest in your travelling and might also not encourage you to be in a fight with a local guy. Try to avoid such situations if you want to travel safely and happily.


  1. Be your own guide: Go through the history of the place you are going to visit and have a basic knowledge about the historical place or a tourist place. This will help you to gain knowledge about the place and also to avoid the expenses of the guide.


  1. Take photos of the places: getting good pictures of you with the places or strangers will always stay as a memory. Click pictures with the locals, restaurants or the historical places or just video them to be kept as a memory of travelling.


  1. Carry extra storage: If you are carrying your DSLR cameras or Mobiles with low storage make sure to carry extra SD Card or buy google storage to store your photos.


  1. Carry empty water bottle: We never know when we are in need of this, it might be during your airport checking’s so keep an empty water bottle just in case of emergency.


  1. Carry Universal Adapter: When you check-in hotels you will be provided with 2 or fewer power sockets, so it’s always good to carry universal socket expansion or it can be said as a traveller socket adapter.


  1. Travel alone: Try travelling alone and be independent to have the actual travelling experience, you will learn to book tickets for yourself and you can sacrifice hotels for budget-friendly travel. You can be self-dependent and be the best of yourself.


  1. Carry Earphones: When you are travelling lonely and if you are fond of music then don’t forget to carry earphones along with you. You can have a sleep while you pluck earphones and relax for a while and then enjoy your travel.


These tips might help you in experiencing the best travel ever…if I had missed something so let me know by commenting below…Stay tuned for more updates on travel and places I travel with my overall experience.

Happy Journey!! Have Fun and don’t forget to click pictures…

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