AXOR Apex xBHP Speed of Thought Helmet

AXOR Apex xBHP Speed of Thought Helmet

xBhp has consistently been tied in with upholding safe riding. So it was unavoidable that xBhp would plan its own helmet. What’s more, that happened last year in 2019 alongside Axor Helmets on the event of 16 years of xBhp! What’s more, this year xBhp is out with the second xBhp. Axor Helmet, and they consider it the Speed of Thought. We as a whole love to speed on cruisers. Notwithstanding, there is not much and amazing than our own brain. Also, consequently we should submit to the principles of the street. Furthermore, that is the establishment of the plan of our subsequent head protector. The 299 shows the ‘sorcery number’ or the ‘hand of God’ which had been chosen by the makers to be the restricting pace of present day super-bikes. What’s more, beneath that, it advises you, that nothing is quicker than your creative mind. So why put your cerebrum and body in danger by over speeding on streets? The highest point of the head protector has a biker wearing the main release of the xBhp helmet. The back holds xBhp’s notable way of thinking of I, the Biker. The remainder of the components show the main piece of the bike, the heart, its motor, and exhaust pipes exclaiming blazes, which are what could be compared to the inconceivable imagination the human psyche is equipped for yielding. The better piece of the cap shell is covered with the human mind which it secures and the lightning bolts behind emphasise the neurons inside our cerebrum.

The helmet is planned alongside The MotoGrapher and Toxic Skins. Also, gathered at the top notch get together of Axor head protectors.


Product Specifications:

Size S-M-L 
Colour Blue
Brand Axor Helmets
Inner Material • Anti Allergic and wicking internal fabrics
Outer Material • IMPS (Injection molded polycarbonate shell for high performance)

About this item

Dual Certified – ECE R-22.05 & DOT FMVSS 218

Internal Sun Visor

Anti Allergic and wicking internal fabrics

Multiple Vents

Rear Removable spoiler attachment.

Removable and Washable Lining

D Ring Fasteners

Scratch Resistant and Antifog Visor

Embedded speaker pockets for communication systems

Weight: Approx 1500 grams


Optically right visor

Fast and tooless visor change instrument

Interior sun visor included

Furnished with Axor’s AX-F180 Anti-Fog Visor Insert.

Two-sided Anti-Fog work which gives the riders with a super clear vision and a perpetual Anti-Fog Function vision.

One Step evacuation visor instrument


Upper air consumption vent is situated to boost air volume into the protective cap inside

Back outlet vent is incorporated with pc spoiler, permitting it to be situated for ideal course through ventilation

Breath gatekeeper and jaw blind included


Separable spoiler for streamlined execution and solidness at high velocity. Made with Intense Poly carbonate material and is Simple to eliminate/supplant.


To defend the head, the EPS liner of a cap is intended to fit the head impeccably to assimilate the energies of an effect and keep away from entrance. The chinstrap ties down the protective cap and the head to keep it from moving off. It’s Two fold D-ring for secure fit Pixies (Injection formed polycarbonate shell for superior)

Homologation – ECE R-22.05(Europe) and DOT FMVSS NO. 218(US) Helmet Safety Standards

Backside pads Reflectors.


Allude to customercare@axorhelmets.com for any assembling absconds on the shell.

Size Chart:

The attack of the head protector is vital to guarantee legitimate insurance.

Prior to choosing your size, we propose you take a measuring tape and measure your head size.

Try not to pass on it to risk!

Counsel the Axor size outline given beneath for your size!

Size     cms

XS         53-54

S            55-56

M           57-58

L             59-60

XL          61-62

2XL       63-64

Unboxing My Helmet:

Don’t forget to check on complete explanation of the graphics and comfort on my unboxing video
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My Views:

My honest review from this product after using it for months, I’ve personally been using this helmet from past 3 months. i would say that this is worth the buying, you get various Axor helmet with good graphics in 500-1000 bucks less, But this one stands unique when you take this out in a sunlight and on a ride. My friends have said that it is eye-catching graphics  whenever I meet them.


The colour did not fade and during night it helps in identifying the rider easily, it does not glow as a light but it makes the drivers and riders in the night to sight you easily. The graphicas on the helmet give a complete different story of xBHP Success and the behaviour of a rider.


Because of the pads and the soft texture i could wear it continuously for as long as 5 hours while my ride to South Karnataka to North Karnataka. To fit it properly please refer to the size chart and measure your head with a tape.


I can recommend this product with my eyes close if you’re a rider and love to hop anywhere with a colorful head and a safety enhanced. If you want to feel unique amongst the fellow riders, this is it.

Click on the link to buy it, I didn’t had a second thought while buying and I do not regret either. When i see other riders wearing better helmets, always looked towards mine because of it’s eye catch graphics. Don’t think, Go for it.


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