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In this blog let’s learn on the resources that help you in digital marketing. Resources you will ever need. This article is helpful for the beginners to intermediate of digital marketers, students who want to study on digital marketing, entrepreneurs, bloggers and freelancers.

Marketing, Never ending Era

What do you think marketing is?

What do you think digital marketing is?

Do you think traditional marketing is the only marketing?

In this article you shall find all your answers related to digital marketing and if there is any other questions you can ask it in comment section below.

Let’s begin…

Whether we like it or not, Traditional marketing is slightly fading, due to new methods of marketing like Digital marketing. There is a slight conversion in the marketing by modern techniques but the marketing phrase remains the same. Marketing is from decades and going to be for decades, no matter what. Marketing is a game of perception.


Marketing is nevertheless an ending technique, but an evolution and modern techniques. There’s marketing in every field. Digital Marketing is everything about marketing than digital itself. So, in this article we are going to learn about

• Fundamentals of marketing

• What is digital marketing?

• What is traditional marketing?

• Digital marketing Vs Traditional marketing

• Direct response marketing

• Global economics

• Why Communication skills are important?

• Personal branding

• CATT funnel

• Importance of CATT funnel to success in business

• Integrated digital marketing

• Bonus: How to make 1 crore or your reach out to goal on marketing.

Fundamentals of marketing

When it states about marketing, Marketing is not just about selling but the Trust building with the people. Marketing is not just on what your creativity is but also the science used to deliver the facts along with the creativity. To ensure that creativity is not just one but science in it, let’s dive to know.

Marketing is being used from centuries and it is never ending technique, marketing starts even before the manufacturing of a product which need a high level of understanding on customer needs. Understanding a customer well, may lead you to ideas of product or service that fits the customer, that there won’t be any requirement of marketing skills to sell the product or service. Not just selling but keeping the existing customer happy by communicating with them, which they may remain as customer for life.

“Marketing also states as delivering the right message to the right person at right time” which can be best describes through an example i.e. A tourism company cannot offer a travel package to travellers during the corona virus pandemic. A company can henceforth offer the same package after the pandemic may make a traveller agree to it. It’s important to offer a travel package to them who are travellers as they cannot sell a travel package to any of the ongoing person or the workaholic person. A traveller agrees only when the right tour package and perfect season to visit the place matches. This is why Marketing is delivering the right message to the right person at right time. A great product can convert your customer into brand ambassador.

What is digital marketing?

Digital marketing is the form of marketing that exists online. There are millions people using internet to make their life easier. India stands as second number in internet users (about 1.3 billion users in India). This makes you to connect customers where they are spending most of their time (On the Internet).

Digital marketing is completely based on how you project your brand through online like Search engines, Social media, Content marketing, Email marketing, Affiliate marketing and E-commerce marketing through electronic devices as laptops and mobiles.

What is traditional marketing?

Traditional marketing is the form of marketing that isn’t online. That means the television advertisements, radio advertisements, newspaper print ads, broadcasts, magazine posts, billboards, signage, in-store advertising, co-operative advertising with retailers/wholesalers, publicity endorsements, public relations plan like network marketing etc… These marketing techniques are said to be traditional marketing.

Digital marketing vs. traditional Marketing

Traditional Marketing Digital Marketing

• Marketers identify the target audience and place ads where the customers can see, hear and can interact whereas Marketers use paid ads and organic ads on social media, email marketing, search engines and video marketing to target the audience.

• TV ads can reach millions at low cost whereas Advertises through E-marketing reaches to the targeted audience.

• TV has reach of 800 million to 1 billion people in India but Digital marketing is nowhere even close to the TV based on numbers alone

• There is very little to no communication with consumers they are selling the products and There’s always a connection with the consumers once the product has been sold

• You cannot edit the advertisements once it’s been published publically but You can edit the wrong message delivered in advertisements.

Why Communication skills are important to market?

If you are looking out to market the product or service then, good marketing is all about good communication. When it comes to good marketing it doesn’t mean that you need to have proficiency and to use sophisticated English. Good communication in marketing means whether I’m able to transfer my thoughts to you effectively by any means of language. When it comes to good communication u need to be so specific on the topic you are delivering. To get well versed in the communication skills you need to start talking yourself in front of the mirror for 10 minutes at least daily, join a conversation in people’s minds, learn something new daily and get skilled in it. Communication skills can turn into sales of products/services.

Global economics

Global economics plays an important role in business. We usually make decisions in business based on what economics is?.

As the age of country goes up which eventually makes the country’s economics go up. It’s necessary to understand the basics of business idea on global economics

When you have an idea of a product or service, before production it’s important to know the target geographical area such as Tier1/Tier2/Tier3 cities that suits your business (where exactly your product can survive). Create segments based on Tier cities. First preference can be given to Tier-1 to have positive results and for survival then you can diversify into different segments for widespread over.

As per the sources the population of India of Tier-1 is 110 Million, Tier-2 is 104 Million & Tier-3 has over 1126 Million. Household goes like 23 Million/22 Million/235 Million. Workforce members are 31 Million (6% of workforce)/29 Million (5.5% of workforce)/460 Million (88% of workforce). Total Amazon prime users are around 10-15million. Online shoppers are around 20-25million. Total Apple users in India are 10 Million. Car owners are over 32 Million and the total India’s GDP is 2.94 Trillion (Source: Wikipedia).


Impact of corona virus on global economics

After the effect of novel coronavirus pandemic, this has been here with the severe negative impacts on the global economy. As per sources before the widespread of virus, it was estimated that the loss of 2.4 to 3.0 percent of the value of gross domestic product (GDP) over 2020. These predictions were made prior to COVID-19 becoming global pandemic. Since then, the global is suffered with dramatic falls in global stock market after the outbreak. It has been seen that about 3000-3500 points in single day fall.

There are no consumers to purchase the good and services available in the global economy. This effect can be seen in heavily affected industries such as travel and tourism. To slow spread the virus there have been many restrictions on travel, this caused many airlines, trains, metros and other public transports to suffer the crisis.

Direct response marketing

There are many techniques that attract a viewer by direct response marketing. Most companies, who run ads in TV’s, Radio and Newspaper which reach out to millions, will never know the advertising is working or not and reaching to the particular customers. Direct response marketing made it easy to attract customers by placing an advertisement with phone number to call immediately. This makes the customer to make a call. Direct response marketing is also done by giving an advertisement which directly leads the viewer to the landing page and make them easy to surf the page with services/products.

For reference on Advertisement, here are some books that you can go through

1. Scientific Advertising – Claude Hopkins

2. Confessions of Advertising Man – David Ogilvy

3. The Adweek Copywriting Handbook– Joseph Sugarman

CAAT funnel

What is CATT?

CATT is a funnel that helps a business to plan out its strategies to reach a specific goal and is termed with a formula

Wealth = n ^ CATT

n = Niche

C = Content

A = Attention

T = Trust

T = Transaction

Importance of CATT funnels to have success in business?

CATT funnel is often used to plan out business strategies to have an effective marketing and it is categorised into Niche, Content, Attention, Trust and Transaction.


Before you start your business it’s important to select a niche to start with as your success and wealth depends totally on the niche you choose.

Are you worried on how to select a niche?

Then i got something for you to better understand how to choose your niche. Based on what your Talent, your passion and the market requirements will lead you to know where exactly your piece of bread is…


Create an informative content that attracts people from your niche using platforms like blog posts, email, videos, lead magnets, live webinar etc. Content need to be created in such a way that people should find it easy to understand.


After the content creation it’s time to drive attention to your content using SEO, SEM, Paid Ads and Referral.


After the attention of customers toward your content the next step is trust that you need to build trust with your customers using trip wires, marketing automation and retargeting by Deep marketing.


After building trust with your customers, it’s time to convert your lead into consumers with natural sales method.

Integrated digital marketing

You know what integrated marketing is?

If you have no idea on what integrated digital marketing is then, here I’m to help you know what IDM is.

Integrated digital marketing is everything about how you execute a paid advertising into successful sales. To paid ads into sales using content marketing email marketing, search engine optimisation and social media is said to be integrated digital marketing.

Example: When you are offered with a paid advertising, you need to create the best content to advertise and use digital mediums like blogs, email, social media or search engine optimization to promote the advertisings which will indirectly get into sales based on what content is created.

Personal branding #MASSTRUST

What do you think what is personal branding?

You positioning yourself as an authorised in industry using the combination of unique skills that make you who you actually are or in other words it’s everything about how you showcase yourself to the world, this is said to be personal branding.

How to build a personal brand?

• To be the brand you need to be the only one, not number one.

• People remember only number one or maximum number two.

• It’s important to choose a niche in which you want to specialise in.

• If you know where exactly to compete is half your success.

• A Personal brand can neither be invested nor sold but can raise many other start-ups and brands by influencing them

• If you can’t be the leader in particular category then try to be the leader in sub-category.

• If you enter a competitive market then have unique angle of marketing.


Masstrust is where you get enhanced and never ending cycle of learning process

There are 6 steps to get MASSTRUST blueprint.

1. Learn: Learn new skills to enhance yourself to the next level. You can go through concepts understand it and remember the facts that make particular concepts true and practice the procedures to learn effectively.

2. Work: Skills that you learn need to be implemented by doing some practice to implementation. This makes you serious on what you learn and you get it done by working on it. Work can be JOB/FREELANCING/OWN PROJECTS etc.,.

3. Blog: Wrote everything about what you have experienced, Just put it.

4. Consult: After getting work done perfectly you remain as a professional, now you need to do is consult other business instead of working for them as a freelancer.

5. Mentor: At this stage you are professional and a well known personal brand, this is the stage to mentor others who want to be like you, “Sharing is Caring” I think you have heard of it. By lighting another candle you will go to whole new level and people recognise you as a mentor too.

6. Start-up: Lastly, it’s about a start of your own product or service on what you have skilled with, that you have developed about the market. “Just do it” (Nike) You might have heard of this quote and I want you to just start what you have skilled with and wait for none.

Your plan to make 1 crore (or specific goal)

(Refer the statistics chart provided)

How to make 1 Crore?

To make 1 crore there are various methods you can opt for

By selling a product worth 100, you require 1,00,000 customers to make one crore.

By selling a product worth 1,000, you require 10,000 customers to make one crore.

If you are planning to reach out just 1,000 customers with a product worth 10,000, it would be easy to reach out 1 crore.

Whereas if you sell a product worth 1,00,000 to just 100 customers you reach out 1 crore with few customers comparatively.

So, what niche and product are you wanting to choose to make one crore, let me know in the comment below.


Hence, I conclude saying that Digital marketing is a vast subject wide spread into many categories especially knowing fundamentals of marketing help marketers to enhance their skills using digital marketing, and understanding that digital marketing is over taking the traditional marketing. Communication skills have been an important part to get sales as it is the direct communication skills with customer. The impact of coronavirus pandemic is severely affecting global economics.

Personal branding can be done only if the individual want to present himself/herself to the world. To make personal brand there is need of niche to select and implement it using formula of Wealth = n ^ CATT.

I am an intern of digital Deepak, one of the top digital marketers in India and I would suggest you to apply for internship and courses on digital marketing. To apply Batch 5 Internship, you can go ahead and click on the link provided.


What method are you choosing to make 1 crore and if there any opinions on this let me know in the comments below.

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